Funny video’s part 1

October 21, 2006

I decided to make a categorie about some funny video’s.  The video’s can either be commecials, tv show’s, clips amongst others. I realize that not everybody has the same sense of humor so I will try to post a little bit of everything here.  Ok and the first video is :



October 21, 2006

When I was a little kid my parents let me stay up for a few programs. Macgyver was one of those programs. The show was not like the show’s from nowadays. Nothing science fiction, aliens, mutants or the sort. Just a normal guy without superpowers with a normal life. Well normal life isn’t really correct. Macgyver was the guy who you called if there was a job to be done without anybody else knowing about it. Macgyver played by Richard Dean Anderson was a guy who could make a bomb with a chewing-gum, some matches and whatever he found on the way. That was one of the reasons I liked the show alot. The things he made up sometimes where fantastic and best he hated guns. Rare thing on TV these days. A good show to watch if you’re trying to find something else then gunfights, aliens, mutant and other TV show’s. See the intro from the first season below.


Death Note

October 12, 2006

A new manga I recently read is Death Note. And I must say that it has been a while since a manga has such a effect on me. I started reading and after the first chapter I was hooked. Fantastic storytelling, great artwork, attaching characters, … Death Note has it all. It’s a story about a guy (a genius once again) who finds a Death Note. The note is actually the book of a Shinigami which is Japanese for Death God. When you write down a name in this book the person dies. Very original storytelling.

Since begin October the anime of Death Note has started as well. Produced by MadHouse it looks as it will be a very interesting show to watch with great artwork and hopefully very true to the manga.

A synopsis from Anidb :

Light Yagami (Or Raito) is an ace student with great aspects who`s bored out of his mind. One day he finds the Death Note a notebook held by a shinigami (Death God). with the Death Note in hand, Light decides to create a perfect world. A world without crime or criminals. However when criminals start dropping dead one by one, the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer.

The manga is sometimes a little complicated because of the very well found mindgames the 2 main character are playing with each-other but it’s really a fantastic manga to read. I recommend it.


Graduation party

October 10, 2006

Too bad, a month goes by so fast when you’re having fun. It’s already over. It has been a great month. I’ve met some fantastic people, had some really nice experiences and honestly I can’t wait to come back to Japan. The people at Sendagaya were amazing, skilled and overall really great people. The other students were really nice and fun to be with.

After the last class we all went to the classroom where the graduation ceremony was held. From every class there was a student who held a little speech about how he/she experienced their time in Japan. After the person finished his speech the director called to students the give them the graduation report. When every student received his/her report we went down to the first floor to enjoy some drinks and snacks.

Emails and phone-numbers were exchanged, pictures were taking. Everybody said goodbye to each-other. Teachers and students wished each-other the best.

It was a great month and I will always remember the time spend with everybody.

Thank you everyone

Here are some people that I got to know and who I’ll always remember:

Vikii and me, Kan Ki and me, Sam Shay and me, Azusa friend and me, Shiori and Aiko, Yuki and Yasuka


Diner with Yuki and Yasuka

October 10, 2006

Last Tuesday in Japan so again we had to make it a fun day. Bert and I asked Yuki if she wanted to come with us to the baseball match and after that go out in Roppongi. She accepted and said she would ask another friend to join us. At around 5 we met at the Tokyo Dome to watch the match. But as it was Obon everybody had 3 day’s of holiday so all the seats were sold out. Only standing places where still available. Also because the Tokyo Giants were playing. The Tokyo Giants are the most popular team in Japan. Unfortunately the match was very boring. In the first inning the Giants scored 4 times, this meant that the game was practically decided.

After that we went to Roppongi where we met with Yuki’s friend Yasuka. Both really nice girls. Sam, another of the Belgium students in Japan, would join us later. So we went to an Izakaya with the 4 of us. An Izakaya is a typical Japanese restaurant. The place is divided in several small rooms where you can enjoy you’re meal with a lot of privacy. You order you food for the whole group. So everybody can eat a little bit of everything, very nice and cozy. Great fun.

After diner we finally met up with Sam. After a lot of running around ( trains stop running at midnight so he had to run from the last station to Roppongi ) we wanted to go somewhere with music, alcohol, people, more alcohol,…. Unfortunately neither Yuki or Yasuka knew Roppongi very well so we ended up in a Mexican style restaurant/bar where we stayed until around 5 o’clock.


Tokyo Central Station & Imperial Garden

September 26, 2006

Today (Sunday 14th of August )I went to visit Tokyo Central Station and the Imperial garden. Together with Ken we decided to meet and the exit of the station to start to day from there. Once again a very sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. Tokyo station is not the biggest station in the Tokyo but it’s big enough to lose you’re way and it can keep you from meeting at the agreed time. So I decided to leave early enough. I hate being late. Once in the station I headed for the exit leading the park. As modern as the inside of the station is the outside is beautiful. I don’t know much of architecture but this is something that changes from everyday view in Tokyo. A welcome change I must say.

After meeting with Ken we headed direction the Imperial park with normally is open for visitors ( not entirely) I totally forgot that this weekend is Obon. So the park was closed this weekend. Too bad because it’s a very nice park, I remember it from 2 years ago. So to give you a idea I will put some pictures from 2 years ago here. The garden must be without a doubt one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. Big, quiet, clean and very relaxing to walk around with. An ideal place to visit if you want to change from the normal Tokyo atmosphere.

So as the park was closed we headed towards Ueno. When you take the park exit in Ueno you’ll find a “street” where lots of tiny shop are located not far from the exit. Really a good place to shop for souvenirs and some nice Tshirts. I bought 2 tshirts with “神” which means “god” and one that say’s “負けないぞ” this means “I won’t lose”. After that we went direction Ueno park. It’s a nice park but there’s not that much to see expect the national museum and a few other things but as I came here 2 years ago we didn’t stay long.


Comic market

September 4, 2006

Last Saturday in Japan. So wanted to do something to make it worth. Yesterday ( Friday 12th) one of my classmates told me that in Odaiba ( see previous post ) there is a event around ‘doushinji’. Doushinji are comic’s made by amateur artists or mangaka’s who wish to become famous by showing the works they made on events like ‘ comic market’. Lots of today’s well know mangaka’s started out by drawing doushinji and became famous afterwards. So Bert and I decided that this event could be worth a visit.

So we agreed on meeting around 13h to take the train to Odaiba. Unfortunately we should have gone much earlier. When we arrived at Odaiba we got off at the wrong station. Poor planning from our side, so we decided to walk around and see if we could find the event on our own. After walking around for quite some time, we asked a guy but we didn’t quite get what he was trying to say. So we decided to walk in the direction he showed us and hoped we would eventually arrive at the event. At that time a major thunderstorm broke lose over Tokyo with so much rainfall that we were soaked in 1 min time. While hiding for the rain a typical ‘otaku’ passed by and we had the perfect guide to show us the way. We asked and he showed us the way through the rain to the station where we needed to take the train and get off 2 stops further.

When we finally arrived at the place of the event, it was about 15h00 we saw 2 of my other classmates who told us that the event stopped at 17h so most of the people started packing and some of them where already going home. This is something that I find typical about Japan. Most of the shops in Japan are open until late at night but events like this often close really early. So not much time left so we went straight for the cosplay floor. On events like these lot of people dress up in their favorite hero or heroine. Cosplay is really a piece of art here in Japan. Not like the American or European cosplayers.

We saw some really cool people with really cool outfits. But we also saw some disturbing one’s. More pictures here